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Livestock Services

24/7 Emergency Care

Livestock Services: Services

Herd Health


Reproductive Services

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We work with producers to optimize herd health, welfare and productivity.  We offer data analysis and consultations to ensure your herd is meeting the benchmarks you're striving for.

Is it time to get calves vaccinated and castrated?  Or give pre-breeding vaccinations to cows?  Call us for all your processing needs including vaccinations, deworming, castrating, dehorning and more!

Our clinic can provide a variety of reproductive services for your large animal herds.  We offer breeding soundness exams, pregnancy checks with or without ultrasound and estrus synchronization.

Livestock Services: Services

Sick Animal Care

If you have concerns that an animal in your herd isn't performing well or is sick, call today to have an examination scheduled.  We offer on-farm or in-clinic sick animal visits that can include blood collection for in-house analysis, x-ray and more.  We also offer limited hospitalization for sick or injured animals.

Haul-in Facilities & Portable Chute

Our clinic is fully-equipped with a chute and several pens to accommodate a small number of animals.  We also have a portable chute that can be brought to the farm if facilities are not already available.

24-Hour Emergency Service

Our staff realizes animals don't follow normal business hours. We are glad to offer 24/7 emergency services for large animals. Please call the clinic to be connected to the doctor on call.

Livestock Services: Services
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