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Equine Services

Emergency Care Available 24/7

Equine Services: Services

Routine Wellness

Dental Care

Lameness Exams

Icelandic Horses
Training of Foals

A yearly wellness visit is a great time to get your horse's yearly vaccinations, oral examination and fecal parasite check.  This is also a great time to assess your horse's body condition, nutrition, deworming schedule and any other concerns you may have.

Horses' teeth are very important to their overall health and well-being!  A horse's teeth are constantly erupting, or growing, and therefore require regular care.  We perform oral examinations and dental floating as needed to keep your horse performing at his or her best.

Has your horse been limping?  Not performing to the best of their abilities?  Call us today to schedule a lameness work-up.  We will determine what is causing your horse's pain and create the best treatment plan.  We can work together to keep your equine athlete at the top of their class.

Equine Services: Services

Pre-Purchase Examinations

If you are looking to buy a new horse, a pre-purchase exam is a good investment to ensure you are purchasing the best horse to accomplish your goals.  Contact us today to discuss prices and let us help you find the horse of your dreams!

24-Hour Emergency Care

We know horses don't always follow normal business hours when they are sick or hurt.  If you have an emergency concerning your horse, please call the clinic immediately and the doctor on call will assist you to the best of our abilities.

Equine Services: Services
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